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Hi – We just could not wait until the next main newsletter to tell about
one of the biggest pieces of news in history!
BigBadToyStore is proud to present our first ever Hasbro Exclusive:
Decepticon Piranacon – G1 Commemorative Seacons!
The Seacons are available in their traditional G1 colors for the first
time in over 20 years since their initial release in 1988!
This limited edition set is only available in North America from BBTS!
This amazing exclusive comes packaged in an awesome collector gift-box,
includes: collector cards, all 6 figures needed to form Piranacon,
and weapons for each individual figure. This is the first time
Piranacon has ever been reissued with the G1 color scheme.
A portion of our shipment will be arriving by Air Freight in Late July and
the rest will be arriving by Ocean Freight in Late August – Pick the
release that works best for you here:
August Shipment – $59.99:
July Early Arrival Air Shipment – $74.99:
Thanks for your interest in and reserve your
Seacons now!
Joel & The BBTS Crew