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Well, I’m gonna miss the deadline today.  But only because I’m preparing to barrage you guys starting Monday…  I didn’t quite have time to get together a review for today, though I still fully intend to post one tomorrow.
However, the real fun starts Monday.  Beginning Monday, I’ll be starting the G.I. Joe: Resolute “Battle Royal” where I post reviews of two opposing members of the Resolute boxed sets, all week long until all fourteen figures have been reviewed by next weekend.
If I’m feeling motivated, I may even sprinkle some other catch up reviews in there, too, as I was in the midst of preparing all of those when the Resolute boxed sets ended up shipping early.  So, while you guys will have to do without a review today, I think next week will make up for it.
Question is, when do I catch up on my sleep…
In my infinite genius, I committed to a review a day leading up to the release of The Pursuit of Cobra…and of course you know once that hits, I’ll be reviewing THAT, too.  So, yeah…probably should have rethought that whole strategy.  😉