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In my rush to post the announcement for the JoeCanuck newsletter last night, I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t really talk about what was announced within the newsletter, and on the JoeCanuck message board.
Throughout the years at JoeCon, for whatever reason, the Collectors’ Club hasn’t elected to have any voice actors from the Sunbow cartoon available to interact with fans.  They do it for Botcon, but I’m not entirely sure why they don’t do it for JoeCon.
Regardless, the Canadian JoeCon is making up for that by showcasing two of the more famous Sunbow voice actors at their show!  Appearing in Toronto this year will be Zack Hoffman, better known as Zartan, and Mary McDonald-Lewis, who portrayed fan favorite Lady Jaye!  These aren’t bit players in the G.I. Joe universe, they were some of the major characters brought to life in the Sunbow cartoon.
Don’t miss this terrific opportunity to meet some of your childhood idols!  A great move by the folks at the Canadian JoeCon.
Another thing I neglected to focus on… the latest issue of the newsletter also showcases more figure artwork for Convention exclusive figures!  A brand new character named “Hazard” is revealed…so check it out now!