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Hmm…this kind of came out of left field.  We’ve all heard the rumors about what Sideshow has in the works, and hell, we’ve heard it from Sideshow themselves.  Zartan, Destro, Crimson Guard, any of the females…there are plenty of characters on the docket that are screaming for some high end Sideshow greatness.  So, when they debuted their latest release yesterday, it kind of took me by surprise.
Is there really enough demand for a Red Ninja figure to warrant a $125 release as a high end collectible?  I’m not convinced.
Don’t get me wrong, from the small snippet we see here, the figure looks amazingly well-crafted, and I’m eager to see the final reveal, but this just seems like a strange choice when there are so many other iconic characters waiting in line.  Granted, Sideshow has to take advantage of part tooling and part creation, and this likely allows them to get more mileage out of their Storm Shadow parts, but I was still a bit surprised.
According to Sideshow’s Website, a full reveal will be launched on June 8th in their production blog, with pre-orders beginning June 10th.