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Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Sideshow going the Red Ninja route this early in the production run.  Sure, I’d much rather see Destro, Zartan, General Hawk, or any number of characters like that.
But dammit if the Red Ninja doesn’t still look pretty damn cool.
The full gallery has been posted online in a Sideshow Production Blog, and you can check it out right here.  He’s got that great pointy-masked head sculpt, an amazing assortment of ninja weapons of killing, and dude!  A funny hat!
Seriously, not a big fan of the Red Ninja character here, but I can’t talk down the figure itself.  A work of art, as always.  Just itching to see that talent directed at some more A-listers.  Don’t forget you can pre-order this figure through the newsletter on June 10th.  I also plan on staying right on top of it, too, so keep your eyes peeled here and I’ll tell you when the green light flashes.