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Past Generation Toys will be at Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend, so if you’re going to be at the convention, stop by and say hello! We’ll have lots of great stuff available for sale too.

And if you can’t make it out to the show, we’ve still got lots of new preorders online, like the new Transformers Generations figures, as well as lots more 2010 Transformers releases.
For all the GI Joe fans out there, we’ve got Pursuit of Cobra figures up for preorder, including the new mecha suits and series 2 of the line, so don’t miss this chance to guarantee yourself these figures now to avoid the hassle of hunting them down in stores.
If you’re excited about the new Jonah Hex movie, check out these amazingly detailed figures from NECA, including a great rendition of Megan Fox.
Finally, we have tons of new Marvel Universe figures, such as Captain Britain, Thanos, Ghost Rider, and more!