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They’re the A-Team, and we have their brand new 12 inch figures, 4 inch figures, and vehicles in stock right now! Also new at the movie theaters this summer is Prince of Persia, and we have the 6 inch figures from McFarlane Toys available now. Don’t miss these and then wish you could turn back time!
The final new in-stock items are two beautiful Bowen Designs mini-busts, Blazing Skull and Wolverine Logan, each standing over 6 inches tall and ready to liven up your shelf.
We’ve also got three new lines you absolutely can’t miss available for preorder right now. First up are DC Direct’s recently announced Arkham Asylum figures based on the hit video game of the same name. The lineup includes Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Scarecrow.
Next up are new preorders for Series 2 of the Black and Silver Vintage Star Wars figures.
And finally we’ve got lots of the new Lego minifigures available for preorder. Don’t worry about tracking down the one you want in stores, and instead guarantee yourself that Zombie, Robot, or Clown minifig you’ve been wanting by preordering right now.