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Now that the 2010 JoeCon is over, lots of folks have been emailing and asking me what’s up with the 2009 Convention Set review…and honestly, I don’t own it.  It’s not over some protest to the 25th Anniversary tooling or anything, it’s just the fact that I missed the Convention last year due to the birth of my child, and I just haven’t been able to scare up the funds to buy these items all at one whack yet.  Normally, I make a concerted effort to save money aside for the Convention as it approaches, but this time around, I knew I wasn’t going, so stupidly I didn’t stick to my regiment of cash savings in preparation.
Eventually I’m certain I’ll get my hands on these, especially the International Team 3-Pack and the SAS Copter with Blades, as those two items in particular are impressive, to say the least.
Until I get my hands on them, though, regular GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger has stepped up to the plate and delivered a great guest review of this set!  I love having guest reviewers send their stuff in, but tackling a review of a massive convention set goes way above and beyond the call of duty.  Thanks a lot, Chris!
You can find the review linked in the GI Joe Collectors’ Club Reviews section, or you can also find it right here.