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YoJoe Comic mastermind antarctica sends along an update, reporting that he’s totally  revised the YoJoe comic section, focusing on continuity and “flow” from one series to another.  Using official Hasbro terminology, he laid out the entire page with renewed organization.
As great as the YoJoe Comics Archive has been, this makes it even better.  It truly is a fantastic resource and antarctica deserves a ton of praise for the hard work he’s put in keeping it up to date, especially as IDW continues to flood the market with new books.
Great stuff!  Check it out for yourself right here.
As an addendum to this, he’s also added summaries to the section for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #155.5 as well as the Hearts and Minds Ashcan promo, G.I. Joe #17, G.I. Joe: Cobra #4, and G.I. Joe: Origins #15.  Check out links to all of those IDW summaries right here.