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Throughout my time on the web, I’ve met some guys who take the G.I. Joe hobby VERY seriously.  I appreciate those folks who work long and hard to enrich the hobby and add to it, I think the community is much better for it.
But every once in a while it’s fun to see someone kind of mock themselves.  A long time Joe fan who runs Broca Blutch is needing some cash for college, so he asked me to let folks know he is selling nearly his entire G.I. Joe collection on eBay now.
Normally, if folks ask me to do this, I don’t bother.  But the guys over a Broca Blutch are unique:

  1. They do not hesitate to berate and make fun of themselves as G.I. Joe collectors.
  2. They’re buddies with a self-proclaimed “rebel blog” called Smash the State, who all pretty much hate my guts.  So any time I can show that I’m the bigger person, I’ll take advantage of it.

So, anyway, check out the auction.  Bid it up real high.  Whether your pay or not is up to you…  :shifty: