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So, I bit the bullet and pre-ordered this bad boy.  I don’t buy many video games.  At all.  I think the last  game I bought was Halo 3.  But yes, I have pre-ordered this one (and will pre-order Halo Reach eventually as well).
To say I’m impressed by the level of detail, immersion, and gameplay evident in all the videos I’ve seen would be a massive understatement, and the latest producer’s video only cements that fact.  There may be some minor spoilers in here.

I’m sorry, but this game looks amazing.  This is the exact right way to do our 80’s properties proud.  Pay some great homage to the vintage style, but reinvent and reinvigorate the brand in a new way for a new audience as well.
I think all we can hope for is that the Rise of Cobra sequel is powerful enough to warrant a game of this type for G.I. Joe, I think that would be a very cool thing.  But until then, I’ll live vicariously through the Transfans.