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I haven’t really talked about it much over the past few months, even as we knew Outrider, from, was sick with cancer.  A ravenous fan of the o-ring style, Outrider could do more things with a camera and cinematography than I could even think about.  He never did any elaborate dio-stories, sticking mostly with single shot images, but he had an incredible eye for perspective, and just had a frustratingly incredible natural talent for photography.
I say frustrating because I would see an image that it probably took him 10 minutes to take, and would try many, many times to replicate the cinema-like “feel”, only to come up empty.  Yet, it just seemed to come naturally to him.
I didn’t deal with him much on a personal basis, but he was a real spirit behind, and did some amazing things there, and when news came through that he passed away, I felt compelled to write a little something.
He wasn’t the most vocal guy on the ‘net, and if you didn’t frequent, you probably didn’t even know who he was, but he contributed more to this hobby than many other people out there, and for that he’ll always be remembered.
Mirrored below are a few of his images that I’m especially fond of, but do the crew at JoeDios a favor, and head over there to pay your condolences.  His images can all be found right here (all 125 pages worth!).  After 10 years of taking pictures, I still can’t capture the spirit and perspective that Craig did in a single shot, and I will always simultaneously love him and hate him for that.
Rest in Peace, Craig.  You earned it.

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