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I’ve had my own personal Facebook page for a while now, and have been toying with getting the site on it’s own page as well, but didn’t want to do it until I could do it right.
And in light of recent security worries about Facebook, I figured this was the perfect time to reveal even more about myself than ever before.  Whatever you do, don’t click on the link called “Bank Account Information” in my profile.  Trust me, it’s nothing important.  :shifty:
I’ve created a GeneralsJoes “Fanpage” which will automatically feed all of my WordPress blog posts straight into it, and it appears to work fairly seamlessly.  Eagle eyed readers probably saw me tearing my hair out tonight while I tested it.  I’m using a pretty cool plug in, but you can only test it by actually publishing a post.  D’oh.
Anyway.  Check out the GeneralsJoes Fan Page right here, and there should now be all sorts of funky little Facebook buttons all over the site, so you can tell me how awesome I am.  You can also click the spiffy page badge below.

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