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I know I don’t talk about the 12″ Joes much on this page, mostly because honestly they don’t interest me a whole lot.  But that changed with the last JoeCon in Providence.  Unfortunately it didn’t change quite fast enough.
We all know about the upcoming 3 3/4″ Adventure Team figures, and how they’re tying the AT guys into the Real American Hero realm with the introduction of Dr. Venom (finally!!) into action figure form.  Well, the Collectors’ Club is doing something similar in the 12″ scale as well.
In Providence this year, they introduced everyone to the first (at least I believe it’s the first) bad guy 12″ figure, the “Henchman”.  I was sorely tempted to pick this guy up, but in the end, I held off, and I’m kind of regretting it now, because he’s been sold out of the Club store, and will likely be tough to get a hold of.  Strongly based on the nameless and  faceless “bad guys” from the 70’s James Bond movies, this mysterious “Henchman” serves an organization…  but it’s an organization that all Joe fans should be intimately familiar with.
Take a good look at the picture of the Henchman above…and look at the logo.  The logo resembles the planet Mars.  Yes, the Henchman here is an agent of MARS.  A very cool tie in to Destro and the MARS organization, and now the Joe universes are all tied together nicely.
As a further explanation of the story, GIJCC staff member Lanny also did a pretty cool movie based on the comic that came with the 12″ set this year.  Check that out below.

I really love how the Club is weaving a cool new story tying all of these universes together…  now I wonder where Sigma 6 fits in.