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Sideshow Collectibles has posted another Q & A session on their site, and has provided collectors with a nice assortment of informational tidbits on upcoming Sideshow releases.  Check out the full Q & A right here, or I’ve also mirrored the G.I. Joe related stuff below.  Nothing makes me sadder from a Joe fan perspective than the fact that I can’t afford Sideshow’s G.I. Joe related product, at least not at this time.  These are some gorgeous pieces…  maybe some day.
Q: Your decision to go with a more modern aesthetic in reintroducing the G.I. Joe characters to a rabidly loyal fanbase is a bold one, and I applaud you for it. I was especially pleased by the look of Firefly, who has the appearance of a G.I. Joe figure inserted into the world of, say, the Modern Warfare games. He’s recognizable for the cartoon/comic character he represents, but is absolutely believable as a combatant in a modern conflict. Downright dastardly. Best figure yet. My question is this: Who are your sources? It’s obvious that you’ve done more than simply bring modern weapons into the arena, especially with Firefly. Do you have people on staff who are knowledgeable of such things? Or are you bringing experienced hands in from the outside? Either way … job well done!
A: Many thanks! We’ll certainly share your positive comments with the design team working on these figures! Yes, many of our design and development team members are seriously into modern warfare, weaponry, and related hobbies like Air Soft. We do invite talented folks from the outside to consult from time to time, and lend their expertise, but the designs for the GI Joe line have come almost entirely from Seth Rinaldi, Jared Chapman, Tom Gilliland and the rest of the Sideshow crew.
Q: I was wondering if GUNG HO and ZARTAN are being thought of in your G.I. Joe 12-inch line?
A: Yes! Zartan is currently in development, and Gung Ho is on our list of candidates. We’re hopeful about introducing a new, bulky body before we get going on Gung Ho or Roadblock.
Q: I don’t know if anyone has asked/answered this question yet, but I would love to see vehicles in Sideshow’s 1/6 scale G.I. Joe line. The environments look great, now if you could only add 1/6 vehicles to its repertoire!

A: It is something we discuss, although we’re not ready to take the plunge on 1:6 vehicles yet. Perhaps, perhaps.
Q: Love your creations with the G.I. Joe line. One issue I notice is a lot of Cobras and only 2 Joes (so far). I know the bad guys always have the best Uniforms. I would love to see a Snow Serpent from the 85 Version. Please even out the Battle. Maybe Beach Head, Dusty, Flint, Hawk, etc. Again thanks for doing what you do!

A: Snow Serpent would make an amazing figure, no matter the scale or format. Beachhead and Flint are currently available for preorder, and Dusty and Hawk are both in development.
Q: I was very excited to learn that Sideshow will be developing a “battle helmet” version of Cobra Commander. Snake Eyes, like Cobra Commander, had two iconic facemasks/headsculps as well. What is the likelihood that a “commando” mask Snake Eyes will ever be in the works for the 1/6th scale?

A: Commando masked Snake Eyes is already in the works.
Q: I noticed that you mentioned plans for Scarlett, Baroness and Lady Jaye for your 12-inch G.I. Joe line; any plans for Cover Girl? I would love to see her in your line – your work is always amazing!

A: Cover Girl has definitely made the list.