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Yes, Shout! did release the full series of Sunbow cartoons last year, but for many folks, this will be the first time the full compliment of Season 2 episodes is available, and release day is tomorrow, April 27th!
Released in a twin slip-cover format with plently of awesome retro Sunbow-style art, the full second season of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero will be available everywhere for the very first time.
Shout! Factory was kind enough to slip me a copy early so I had some time to shove it in my DVD player and review it…just in time for release day.  Check out the review right here.
I’m absolutely not a Sunbow guy, but watching these episodes really brought me back… and yes, the purists will be pleased to know that it made me sad to realize that  Hasbro had left the Anniversary behind.  Yes, even I am capable of wanting a vintage style Low Light, Lifeline, Leatherneck, Sci-Fi, and even Zarana.  Who would have thought I’d ever want a freaking Zarana?
Regardless, these episodes really tripped my nostalgia trigger, and it’s good timing, too, as I head down to JoeCon in just a few days.  Hopefully I can satisfy my need for nostalgia at the dealer tables.  😉