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TV Shows on DVD is reporting that Brian Ward, Shout! Factory producer who is working on the G.I. Joe: The Movie release has posted the following information on Shout!s official message boards:

“The Blu-ray release will be a BD/DVD combo.  The BD will carry both widescreen and fullframe versions of the movie.  The DVD will only have the original fullframe.
Sadly, neither is captioned or subtitled.”

Am I the only one who is giddy about this?  Granted, G.I. Joe: The Movie is the ultimate in Sunbow zaniness, but for some reason seeing it in widescreen Blu Ray format just has me excited.  Just look at this, and imagine it in widescreen Blu Ray:

Unfortunately he did say he still couldn’t talk about bonus materials, but by the looks of things, we’ll hear something soon.  Combine this with the Season 2 release on April 27th, and there’s some great class Joe goodness on the way.