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This news just in from our brothers to the North!
The 28th issue is now available with 17 whopping pages!! Included this month is “It’s Convention Season!”, “My Introduction To G.I. Joe”, “NJC 50”, “Name That Figure!”, “Figure Review : Volcano Viper”, “Point / Counter-Point : Resolute : Was it good for the brand?”, “Meanwhile, Back In The Comics : End Game”, “It’s The Little Things : Canadian JoeCon Presentation & Paperwork Review”, “Evil Empire”…. and possibly one of the coolest things the JoeCanuck newsletter has had in awhile, an ALL NEW comic story by our own “Loop” titled “The Canuckleheads”. It’s awesome. Check all of it out here, and don’t forget to let them know what you think on the message boards.
As always, all past 27 Issues can be read here.