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Back over at JoeCustoms once again, Kamakura has posted a spoiler-tagged post revealing what the listings are for the JoeCon2010 exclusives!
I’m going to put the list after the “read the rest of this entry” link below to avoid spoiling anyone…  prices are included for folks as well!

“Z-Force Figure 3 Pack LE 650 — $65
Q-Force Figure 2 Pack w/Kayaks LE 650 – $48
Red Shadows Secret Base LE 500 – $48 (SW Endor Bunker)
Red Shadows Staff Car LE 500 – $34 (Indy Jones Staff Car)
12″ Henchmen Fig LE 200 – $49 From weapons factory @ spy island
2 T-shirts, 1-AT, 1 Red Shadows”

Interesting list.  We obviously don’t have figure names yet, but Z-Force typically uses the green and black color scheme, and represents the infantry.  Q Force used the gray color scheme and represented water forces back in the day.
I think we all knew the Endor Bunker might make an appearance based on it showing up on the box art.  But the Indiana Jones staff car is somewhat of a surprise.  Without images, I’m having a hard time basing my real opinions.
Let’s see what the weekend brings!