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New comic day today, and G.I. Joe #17 is on the docket…thanks to The Terror Drome, we’ve got a 5-page preview to share:

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Written by Chuck Dixon with art by the awesome Robert Atkins.  Interesting twist to have the Hard Master still alive in the IDW universe.  I like it.  I think seeing the whole Hard Master/Storm Shadow/Zartan conflict unfold in real time rather than as a flashback is a cool way to look at the story.
And yeah, I know a lot of folks are complaining about Destro’s full metal armor, but I think that’s kind of a neat twist, too.  I still say IDW is doing a good job marrying the vintage look and feel with some interesting new ideas and giving us a pretty cool new sandbox to play in.  It feels like it’s taken absolutely forever to get to this point, but things are finally starting to flesh themselves out.