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Part 5, the final installment is below!  Will you be the one to TAKE BACK THE PIT?

Dr. Venom paced triumphantly in the control room to the mobile Pit.  He had overtaken G.I. Joe security, infiltrated their state of the art headquarters, beaten General Hawk himself, and now stood poised to claim the ultimate victory for himself…  oh and maybe for Cobra, too.  If they were lucky.
Calling over one of his specialized troopers, Venom was too wrapped up in his own success to see the muffled rattling of an intake vent cover in the ceiling.  It rattled three more quick times, then threatened to drop before a green clad arm shot down and clutched it, then pulled it back up inside the vent.  Nobody noticed.
“Trooper!” Venom beckoned.  “Radio Cobra Commander on a secure channel!  Inform him of this glorious victory, and make sure he knows who was responsible!”
“As you wish,” hissed the Heavy Water Trooper and slowly approached the communications system.  That’s when he noticed the series of flashing lights.  “Venom!” he shouted.  “There is a channel already open!  We are broadcasting!!”
Venom whirled around just as the Adventure Team Commander slid down from the open vent, weapon in hand.  He landed with a graceful crouch that defied his age, and he silently tumbled to the left as gunfire reported from the Cobra agents.  Venom and the agents turned toward him just as the camouflage clad Land Adventurer repeated his Commander’s actions, only rolling the opposite direction.  As the troopers tried to adjust to this new target, the Adventure Team Commander rolled off three shots from his old school single shot rifle, and two Cobra targets dropped to the metal floor.
Out of the five remaining Cobra Troopers, two of them broke off to flank the Commander, but the Air and Sea Adventurers shot down from the vent on a zipline, tugging it fast, halfway down, and fired their own volleys, taking both of them down before they could even fire a shot.  Chaos reigned.
The Land Adventurer fired upon the last trio of troopers as the Adventure Team Commander swiftly dashed out in the open, trying to get some flanking fire.  The ploy worked and soon all three Adventure Team Commandos had the Cobra agents pinned and minutes later, they, too, were down.
“We’re clear!” shouted the Adventure Team Commander.
“Yeah,” replied the Air Adventurer, “a little too clear.  Where’s Dr. Venom?!”
The Air Adventurer slipped to the metal floor and quickly ran across the width of the control room, his weapon raised.  “Over here!”
The four Adventure Team members met on the East end of the command center, and all four of them saw the open vent at the same time.  Just large enough for a grown man to crawl through.
“That’s one slippery SOB,” snorted the Sea Adventurer and that received nods of agreement.
“Venom got away,” said a voice behind them.  They turned, and General Hawk was slowly picking himself back up.  “But you four saved the day.  Thanks to the Adventure Team, we were able to Take Back the Pit!”
Just like his name, Venom is poison
Whether to Scarface or the Eskimo Kwinn
His final battle was one that he lost
But others paid a price, quite heavy in cost.
Even as Kwinn dropped dead as he’d planned
Venom’s last words…
What were they?  Search for the final answer!