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Quickly and quietly, Venom scuffled through the Pit.  Even with alarms sounding due to the Venom readings, he and the Cobra agents slipped past security and made their way to the control center of the massive Mobile Headquarters.
Approaching the control room, Venom spied Breaker kneeled by the locking system, preparing to lock down the Pit against incoming intruders.  But Breaker didn’t realize just how close they were.
One of Venom’s specialized Cobra Troopers launched a barrage of gas, hoping to take out Breaker and the control room beyond.  The G.I. Joe communications officer spun on his heels, then quickly pressed a combination of buttons, easing the door slowly shut.  Venom snarled, and behind him, he heard boot steps stomping briskly through the solid metal hallways.
“Get us inside!  NOW!” he shouted to his team.  Breaker was already slumping to the ground as the doors slowly slid shut.  Without hesitation, Venom quickly grabbed one of his Cobra team and shoved him harshly toward the door.  The trooper fell on the ground and the door slid closed against him, snapping his ribs and causing him to cry out in pain..but the door stayed open.
Slipping a gas mask over his smirking face, Venom stepped over the fallen trooper with his other squad mates just behind.  Inside the Control Room, Venom quickly learned just how much of a prize he had just won.
General Hawk sat in the command chair, stunned.
The gas had leaked into the control room, and a trio of Pit Commandos stumbled to the ground, unable to get their gas masks on quite quick enough.  Hawk pulled a mask from one of their unconscious hands and yanked it over his face, pulling a pistol out at the same time.
He squeezed off three shots, dropping one of Venom’s troopers, before Venom returned fire, sending him scrambling behind cover.  Hawk poked his head around his armored chair, and his fingers quickly danced over the keyboard just under a trio of monitors.  The computer beeped appreciatively.
Two more Luger shots sent Hawk back-pedaling…  right into the waiting arms of two of Venom’s Cobra Troopers.  They grabbed him roughly just as Venom was clutching the shoulders of the trooper who had fallen to the floor, blocking the doorway.  Out in the hall, Pit Commandos in gas masks stormed down, weapons raised, but unwilling to fire indiscriminately without knowing who was inside.  Venom yanked the trooper from the doorway, and the 3 foot thick titanium slab slid closed with a clang.
The Pit was his.
A few miles away, skiing over the desert sands, a familiar orange vehicle rolled along under the darkened sky.  Just above an equally yellow colored single-manned helicopter whipped through the brisk desert air.
Two single blips appeared on the viewscreen where the Adventure Team Commander was looking, seated just behind the Land Adventurer in the small ATV.  They had been on their way to participate in testing the latest G.I. Joe mobile command headquarters…but now it looked like trouble.
“That’s General Hawk’s personal channel!” shouted the Commander over the open Comm.
“I see it, too,” radioed the Air Adventurer as he steered his helicopter towards the darkened metallic elephant that loomed just before them.  The Sea Adventurer covered his eyes slightly as they approached, and gripped the helicopter skid even more tightly.
“We’ve got trouble, Adventure Team.”
Sometimes by air, sometimes by land, and even by sea, he never saw active duty
Some used to be twelve, now they are four
But he was eight, rarely seen before
Adventure Team fights by sea, air, and land
Yet his only expertise was out in the sand
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