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Part Three is below…
Deep inside the Mobile Pit, activity was no more frenzied than it was in the lower level hallways, but suddenly an alarm flashed on the hallway wall.  Spectrographic analyzers built into the surface of The Pit had picked up something…  Cobra’s Venom serum?  Here?!
Mutt and Junkyard were the appointed Anti-Venom agents here at the base, so they mobilized immediately.
When the lights started flashing, Venom halted.  If the Pit could sense the Venom protocols even before deploying it, certainly they already had the antidote in the water treatment tanks?  He wasn’t sure, but he didn’t want to take any chances.
Suddenly the door burst open, and Mutt charged in, lifting his silenced Mac-10 submachine gun.  One quick burst dropped one of the Cobra agents, but Dr. Venom threw himself into the middle of the room, arms flailing.
“Help me!” he shouted.  “Cobra has kidnapped me and is forcing me to do their evil deeds!!”.
Dr. Venom had appeared before Mutt’s time, so he did not look familiar, and the G.I. Joe dog handler halted, just for a second.  It was just long enough.
Venom yanked his Luger forcefully from the other interior pocket of his white labcoat and pumped three rounds into Mutt’s chest.  Junkyard leaped, but one of the Cobra troopers swatted him aside with the butt of his weapon.  Both went down.
Venom smiled as his evil trickery even amused himself.

This Eskimo warrior holds his pride
Unlike the vitriol Venom hides inside
Venom’s evil revealed by the tracker Kwinn
The spirit of this beast Venom carries within
Search for the answer to this riddle!