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Posted over at, Gyre-Viper once again gets his purple-fingered mitts on some soon to be released G.I. Joe items, this time around, from the Vacation in the Shadows Convention set!  Sure, we’ve seen official production images of these awesome figures, but Gyre-Viper gives us some great comparison shots with some of the originals, which is just plain bad ass.  Seeing Red Laser next to the updated Red Shadow is all sorts of cool.  A great idea for him to do this, and some images that I’m really enjoying.
I’m not sure about anyone else, but this year’s set has really stoked the fire for Action Force for me, and I think Joe fans are doing themselves a disservice if they don’t check out how the universe unfolded over the pond.  Some great untold stories that I hope to spend some time on as we lead up to the Con.
Thanks again to Gyre-Viper for taking these pics!  Good stuff.

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