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I know the last time I talked about the G.I. Joe: Origins 2-parter that introduced the IDW universe’s version of Ripcord, it sparked some debate, mostly because I supported IDW’s decision to try and mesh their universe with the film version of Ripcord, who, for Marvel fans, is a pretty critical character in the G.I. Joe mythos.
However, I still stand by my stance that for a current crop of G.I. Joe fans doesn’t necessarily understand or appreciate Ripcord’s place in history (for better or worse).  So to me, it only makes some sense that a movie that earned 300 million dollars internationally at the box office and probably influenced a lot of people has some bearing on the “fringe” continuities.  I mean, after all, even G.I. Joe: Resolute featured an African American version of Ripcord, and IDW ties in to all of it.
But what really matters to me here is the story, and this was a great conclusion to the story.  Ripcord trapped in the jungle for two weeks, surviving off of bugs and reptiles, still manages to accomplish his mission just in time to be evac’ed by General Hawk and Scarlett, and then gets his introduction to the G.I. Joe team.
But the most important thing here, I think, is the way Beatty is able to write this Ripcord character to kind of cover all bases.  There is a hint of the humorous tone that Marlon Wayans carried in the film, but it’s not as overbearing as it was there.  This version of Ripcord cracks some jokes, and yes, he even casually hits on Scarlett, but the most important component of the two-part story is Ripcord’s ability as a special ops soldier and his resilience in the jungle.  All in all, it was an enjoyable story, and this new Ripcord is able to walk that line between the Rise of Cobra universe, the Resolute universe, and this new IDW storyline.  I’ve mirrored some images below, but the panels do pull from all parts of the story, so beware of minor spoilers.

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