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G1 fans should absolutely love this.
I have loved pretty much everything I’ve seen from Transformers: War for Cybertron so far.  Everything from the updated designs (which still retain a lot of the great classic elements) to the mid-game transformations, to the cinematics.  I even got to see some gameplay at Toy Fair and loved that, too.
But this goes well beyond the level of coolness that even War for Cybertron has achieved so far.  Some enterprising YouTuber, Grimbot the 3rd has actually taken the footage from the initial trailer for War from Cybertron and mashed it with sound effects, dialog and music from the Generation 1 cartoon.  Yes, it is much, much, MUCH cooler than it sounds.  This just rocks!
Someone hurry up and make a G.I. Joe video game worth playing so we can do this with the Sunbow stuff!  Check it out embedded below.