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Well, I don’t suck because I didn’t pre-register…I’ve been registered for a looong time.  I suck because I neglected to remind everyone else that they should pre-register.
I know a lot of the popular collector mentality is simply to stop by a store and buy a toy.  But to me, being a part of the G.I. Joe community is so much more than simply shoving my dirty money into a cashier’s hand.  It’s all about the community.
Ever since I relaunched GeneralsJoes as a blog and news site, I’ve fought myself on the subject of a forum.  Part of me loves the community building that a forum generates, but another part of me knows that I simply do not have the time or energy to devote to a forum and do one the “right” way.  So if it can’t be done the right way, I refuse to do it the wrong way.  Besides, there are more than enough forums out there already.
But even though community is built from the forums, the community and friendships that you build at JoeCon lasts lifetimes.  There are guys that I’ve met face-to-face only a few times in my life, and those times were at JoeCon.  And I consider them some of my greatest  friends I have.  Typing back and forth is great, sure.  But hanging out at the bar, in person beats any amount of finger-clacking you can do.
You don’t like the o-rings…I get it.  The Red Shadows bore you…  I guess I can appreciate that sentiment (as warped as it may be).  But the conventions are about so much more than plastic, rubber, and paint applications, and I just hope that folks realize that.
Missing last year’s Con was a tough gig for me…even though I was busy at the time witnessing the birth of my second child.  I am ecstatic  that I’m going to make it again this year, and I really look forward to seeing all the familiar faces, as well as some new faces this time around.  Two weeks away.  I cannot WAIT.
Hopefully I’ll see you in Providence!