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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…  two non G.I. Joe posts in one day?  Deth of teh site!11!one!
Well, let’s be honest…G.I. Joe is my first love, I think that’s obvious, but it’s also been a very slow news period since Toy Fair, and since I can never get enough of forcing my opinion down other people’s throats :shifty: it’s time to branch out a bit, especially when I find something I think other fans will enjoy.
And I know what you’re thinking.  I saw those previews, too.  The ones with the overly emo anime characters lamenting their endless war with the Covenant…  the pretty flowers, the moody music.  I wasn’t feeling this project at first, not at all.  But after sitting down and watching it, I was seriously impressed.  Well, for the most part.  I much prefer the gritty science fiction aspect of anime, and not so much the goofy juvenile humor, so I skipped right past “Odd Man Out”, which was a particularly ridiculous installment on the DVD, but nearly every other episodic short was downright enjoyable.  There were some different styles used throughout the disc, but each one had their own quirks and overall, I came off very impressed with what I saw.
I like the Halo games, they’re great…but I love the Halo universe, and I think that’s where Halo: Legends really is a pleasant surprise.  For folks who dig the all out action and are content to sit and play Halo multiplayer and nothing else, you may not find a whole lot to love here…but for people who are really into the mythology of the Halo world and the different alien races, branches of the UNSC, and the whole world surrounding Master Chief and the Spartan project, I think there’s some really cool stuff to see here.  Lots of little Easter eggs for folks who have read some of the novels and who are interested in the back story of the universe in 2550.
No, it’s not flawless, and it won’t blow you out of your seat, but I can think of much worse ways to spend 2 hours, and for folks who are really into Halo, I think you’ll dig this in a big way.  Sure it’s no multimillion dollar Peter Jackson/Neill Blomkamp major motion picture, but it’s something.  I’ve embedded some particularly cool clips for your enjoyment below.