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As I’ve said a number of times over the past two weeks or so, it took 15 issues, but I’m slowly getting drawn into the IDW G.I. Joe universe in a way I hadn’t been previously, and it looks like I’m not alone.  Various sites across the web have already reviewed Issue #16, which hit comic shops yesterday.  This issue appears to focus on the Cobra side of things, specifically the Baroness and the progress of the MASS Device.  The writing is crisp, moves at a good pace, and we’re finally getting into the thick of things.
Of course, we started this whole MASS Device plotline over a year ago, and we’re just barely getting some payoff, but I suppose better late than never.  Check out the following sites to see what they thought of the latest release:

I’ll say this right now, too…  Robert Atkins is the shit.  Seriously.  His artwork really rocks on this title, and it’s only getting better.

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