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* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *
Hi folks! Here are some news and new product updates from SMALLJOES.COM!
Things are somewhat quiet for Joe right now. Hasbro has pushed plans for
3 3/4″ GI JOE into the third and fourth quarter of 2010. We think that
this is probably a good idea, allowing collectors to “catch up” with
products they might have missed as well as allowing existing inventory
to sell through for retailers. _Pursuit of Cobra_ will be the next
chapter in GI JOE’s history. Some product was shown recently at Toy
Fair and more is expected to be unveiled at the GI JOE convention as
well as the San Diego Comic-con this summer. We are definitely liking
what we are seeing!
Meanwhile, we still have a wide selection of 25th Anniversary and
Rise of Cobra GI JOE items.
Are you interested in rare international GI JOE figures and vehicles?
Another round of cool items is being offered from the private collection
of site owner Corey Stinson. This time items from Brazil, Argentina,
Australia, and also some prototypes and other things. The auction will
run through March 25th, 2010. You can view the items here:
The latest GI JOE comics books are always available from us! Recent
additions include GI JOE main series #15, Operation H.I.S.S., trade
paperback #7 reprinting more of the old Marvel run, and also GI JOE:
Cobra II. We can’t recommend GI JOE: Cobra highly enough – these
limited series contain some of the best, edgeiest writing and stories
ever to appear in a GI JOE comic.

We found in the warehouse a few booster packs from the GI JOE trading
card game. These are now listed:
We’ve added to our selection some modern 1:18 scale figures and vehicles
from this line, including some Army and Marine figures. Also, a Bradley
fighting vehicle and M-16 half-track.
Although no longer in business, we were recently able to secure some
additional older 1:18 scale aircraft, including a couple Me-262’s and
one TBF-1 Avenger. This is a limited time opportunity to pick up these
aircraft if you missed them the first time around.
All-Go! Toys is a new player in the 1:18 scale model market and will
produce limited production run merchandise focused on the collector
market and with the goal of maintaining collectible value (as opposed
to market over-saturation). Their first aircraft is the P-51 Mustang
in “Passion Wagon” livery, featuring a nude pin-up model on the nose.
Obviously this one is for a mature audience so exercise appropriate
This aircraft is limited to 3,200 pieces world-wide and is on schedule
for a late March or early April appearance.
Pre-order here:
Have you checked out our selection of clearance-priced merchandise
lately? Great deals and low prices on things we’d like to see out
of our warehouse!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site