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Hasbro has provided us with final press photos of the soon-to-be-released SDCC exclusive version of Sgt. Slaughter!  Like the Gold Headed Destro and Cobra Commander, there will be two different versions of the exclusive.  The Primary Release, which is the one decoed like the mailaway (with the USA on his shirt) and a Variant Release, which is the one decoed like the TTT driver with the camouflage pants.
These are expected to also be available via HasbroToyShop as previous SDCC exclusives have been.  Check out the press images in some nice high-res glory below.  I know this figure has sparked a lot of frustrations throughout the fandom, and I can see their perspective.  Everyone is used to the cartoon-infused mega muscular Sgt. Slaughter, while in real life he was never built like that.  From my own perspective, I think a more natural physique was a great choice.  Sure, he looks more human, but he also looks more like the character who sparked the kids of the 80’s to jump into the G.I. Joe universe.  Sculpting someone all musclebound and ripped up takes a certain skill, sure, but in my mind it almost takes more skill to make a fairly normal person, but still maintain a certain level of detail and quality.  I think they definitely did that here.  I’m really looking forward to adding this figure to my collection.  In fact, it’s really sparked a renewed interest in my head with the Anniversary line, and made me really hope that Hasbro dips back into that well in 2010 and 2011 to fill in some of those holes, especially in 1986.

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