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The great guys over at Tri-Gate have always really impressed me with the level of work they put into the 3 3/4″ scale.  The sculpting, detail, and articulation rivals that of many Hasbro offerings I’ve seen, and I’ve often longed to try some of their product, but just somehow have never gotten around to it.
That might have to change.
With the JoeCon 2010 set featuring the Red Shadows, obviously a big focus is on the European enemy of Action Force, but lots of that attention is directed towards the 80’s model, somewhat overlooking what Devils’ Due did to update the group for the twenty-first century.  Well, not one to forget G.I. Joe history, Tri-Gate has pulled out all the stops on some absolutely INSANE offerings that are pulled straight from the pages of Devils’ Due!  These figures look absolutely sick.  I never would have thought the DDP updated designs for the Shadows would have translated to cool toys, but damn, I was wrong.
Dave from TriGate has been gracious enough to share some in progress work with the Action Force/Red Shadow junkies over on BloodfortheBaron, and I’m mirroring some images below.  Warning, these will almost make you love the Devils’ Due Red Shadows!  Almost.  Damn cool stuff.

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Really impressive looking sculpting and they translate the comic images very nicely.  The Tri-Gate store is currently down as they build up their stock, but keep your eyes on ’em, as the next round of pre-orders starts shortly.  Big thanks to the always enthusiastic jamarmiller for pointing this out to me in an email!  Good stuff, man.