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I’ve been somewhat hesitant to accept the IDW G.I. Joe universe for a variety of reasons, but with the release of G.I. Joe # 15, they’ve finally started pulling me in, at least to a degree.  Even with Dixon’s slow pace, this issue kicked it up a notch.  We got some early seeds of discontent between Mindbender, Destro, and the Cobra cabal.  We got one of the world’s top scientists joining Cobra of his own free will, upon seeing the level of their resources and funding.  We got  the death of a Joe character that has been accused of being a punching bag, but at least it was handled in this issue with some sort of respect.
But, really, it comes down to the character designs.  Old Joe pal Fred from JoeBattleLines really summed it up nicely when he pointed out to me in a private email…  there were just a few frames in the issue.  Flint, Beachhead, and Cover Girl ready to bust down the door.  The Cobra Vipers emerging from the MASS Device teleportation.  To me, it’s always been about the toys, and these designs would make for some awesome toys.  Hell, if the movie could find a way to work designs like these into it, it would have been much more appreciated, I think, even with the same story and subject matter.
It’s the little things…and as we get deeper into the G.I. Joe: COBRA II series, and has the mainstream title picks up some steam, I’m finding myself more and more drawn in, which is something I never expected.  Good job, IDW.
EDIT – Spoilerific image replaced with non-spoilerific image.  Woops!

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