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fallen from a dead man’s hand
Congratulations!  You’ve found the FINAL IMAGE!  Hurry up and email all five images and you will TAKE BACK THE PIT!

And wow, do these look gorgeous.  Absolutely phenomenal.  If someone told me I’d be falling all over myself about 3 3/4″ versions of the Adventure Team, I would have called them nuts, but here they are, and they really look awesome.
The head sculpts, the chosen parts…  Dr. Venom!  Hell yeah.  This is exactly the type of stuff I love to see from the GIJCC.  Can’t wait to pick ’em up in Rhode Island in April.  Check out the awesome high res images mirrored below, and click the following links to pre-order yours today!

The most important thing about these figures is that they just look fun.  Tons of gear, some great colors, great play value, and once again…  DR. FREAKING VENOM.  Sweet.

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