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Making their worldwide debut at the G.I. Joe Convention in April, the 3 3/4″ Adventure Team is promising to make a splash with Joe collectors of every era.  So far we haven’t heard a whole lot about the specifics of the sets, but there is finally some information to share, and even a look at all the card art for the terrific looking figures!  Straight from

“The Adventure Team is almost here! The GIJCC will initially be offering THREE different 3 3/4-inch Adventure Team figure sets, all utilizing 25th Anniversary sculpts! Each figure comes packaged with a special accessory (vehicle, etc.) inside an “AT Mission Crate” package. Once you open the “AT Mission Crate”, you’ll find each figure on its own individual blister card. The first three sets are: ATAir Adventurer & Helicopter; AT Land Adventurer & 6-wheel ATV; Dr. “Venom”AT Commander with giant man-eating plant. And now, we are thrilled to preview all FOUR Adventure Team backing cards! Click the thumbnail to see the full preview.”

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