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So it’s Thursday, which means yesterday was Wednesday, and the latest Joe comic to hit the rounds was G.I. Joe: Origins #15, and IDW does something interesting here.
Obviously the fandom blew a rod when Marlon Wayans was revealed as Ripcord in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.  Changing the race of a somewhat minor player in G.I. Joe lore really put the fans on their ear, but more than that even was the drastic change in personality.  While Hama wrote Ripcord (during his most popular time) as a motivated, ultra serious soldier, Wayans portrayed him (as he usually does) as an off-color hack who was mostly comic relief.
In all honesty, I didn’t mind Wayans all that much.  There were worse performances in the film, to be sure.  But even though IDW has been taking large steps to cater to the fans, they decided to go the Rise of Cobra route with Ripcord, and I think it works pretty well.  I mean, it’s obvious by now that this isn’t your 80’s G.I. Joe.  So why not shake things up a bit, plus make things a bit more  cohesive with the movie universe?  But even beyond that is the issue itself, which ends up being really entertaining.  A mixture of some comedy, some action, with pretty solid writing and nice artwork, it has me very interested to read the follow up.  But what do other sites think?