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I think a lot of the work that the guys over at do flies under the radar…folks only seem to really notice when something ISN’T posted, not when it is.  As someone who has first hand experience just how much work goes into uploading even a single entry in the YoJoe database, I always try to give credit where it is due when I see something cool there (which, honestly, could happen almost every day).
With a minor dry spell in the figure selection these days, antarctica has been focusing a lot of attention on the comics  section, and the international section in particular.  He recently completed an archive of Indonesia, and also just recently posted some very cool Rise of Cobra comics exclusive to the United Kingdom.  Keep in mind, these are stories that have not appeared anywhere else besides overseas.
During retail “dry spells” it’s really important, as a Joe fan, to explore the history of the brand, not only here in America, but internationally as well, and YoJoe makes that a lot easier.  As a matter of fact, over the next week or two, I’ll be focusing some attention on overseas items, since retail isn’t really hopping, news is somewhat slow, and the upcoming JoeCon has a decidedly “Global” feel to it.
I think fans could do well to explore some of the cooler, lesser known parts of Joe history and lore…and maybe learn something while we’re at it.