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Over at the Transformers fansite The AllSpark, Dave Willis of Shortpacked! fame put together a little charity drive to get his hands on an ’86 Toy Fair catalog in order to reference high res scans for Transformers fans.
Well, of course, this turns into a big boon for Joe fans as well as the TFWiki also scanned it every single G.I. Joe page as well and posted it on the site!  This is some great stuff that us normal Joe fan folks don’t usually get to see.
I don’t want to leech traffic away from Dave’s site, so here’s a mirrored image below, you can hit up TFWiki for links to the rest of the awesome images.

As an added bonus, this endeavor also spiraled into a charity drive for Hasbro’s Children Hospital!  Big kudos to the TFWiki guys for getting this stuff out there and supporting a great charity while they’re at it.