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BE WARNED – THIS POST CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS FROM UPCOMING ISSUES of G.I. JOE: COBRA II!  Click “Read the Rest of this story” link below for the full details!

Brian Truitt from USA Today has written a fantastic article, focusing some well deserved attention on G.I. Joe: Cobra II and the brains behind it, Mike Costa and Christos Gage.  The article is an absolute wealth of information, including confirmation of the following:

  • A new operative named “Chameleon” will be featured, and she is the one sent to rescue Chuckles
  • Croc Master, who has already appeared may end up being an eco-terrorist of some sort
  • Crystal Ball will make his IDW debut in Issue #2, coming out Wednesday, February 17th
  • Cobra Commander will make his first appearance in Issue #4
  • Issue #5 will debut…  Serpentor!

The entire article is an entertaining and fascinating read, you should definitely check it out!  There are new images as well, including a sneak peek of Crystal Ball.  Also, for an entertaining look at the geekier side of USA Today, follow Brian Truitt on his Twitter feed.