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Coming somewhat out of left field, the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has added a specialty trooper to the Red Shadow mix, in the form of a Pyro-Trooper, the Red Torch!  Continuing the trend from last night’s debut of Black Major, we get a great look at this new Red Shadow operative on
Using what appears to be the Eco Warrior Flint body with the head from the very cool Built To Rule Shadow-Viper, we have a very neat looking addition to the Red Shadows ranks.  I really love that head sculpt, and I’m thrilled to see the Club dip into the BTR realm a bit to pick and choose parts.  This shade of red just snaps, too.  Very cool.  Personally, I’m not huge on the whole flamethrower specialty, so I’ll probably make these guys heavy weapons troopers or something…but the figure looks cool enough to work into the ranks, that’s for sure.
I’m almost giddy in anticipation of the Flint and Red Shadow, things are looking great so far.  As always, keep looking at to see these new figure previews posted!

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