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Tomorrow is new comics day, but even better, tomorrow is new G.I. Joe: COBRA comics day!  Yay!
Easily my favorite G.I. Joe themed comic in the last 13 years, Costa and Gage continue to hammer it out of the park with their unique film noir style, excellent dialog, and no holds barred action.  But anyone who knows me knows that I love seeing some obscure characters get attention, and they are doing that as well!  Issue #1 already gave us Croc Master…Issue #2 brings Chameleon on board (though, I did it first…  :shifty: ) and we’ve been promised Crystal Ball and even Serpentor.  Normally this would make me cringe, but I have the utmost faith in these guys, they’ve only done awesome things so far.  Below you’ll find a 5-page preview of this latest issue of G.I. Joe: Cobra II, and I know I’ll be practically waiting at the comic store for it to arrive.

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