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While everyone is  focusing on what the next Convention figure will be, the G.I. Joe Club has brought our attention back to this year’s free membership incentive figure, Big Lob!  First they report via an email from Brian Savage that figures should be arriving around April 15th.  Also, if anyone wants extras, they can currently pre-order them from the Club Store.
Also, in more exciting news, the Club reports that Big Lob will make his comic book debut in the March, 2010 issue of the Club newsletter, starting his adventures in a series of one page spotlights.  The comics are written by Jesse Wittenrich with pencils by Dan Khanna.  Don’t miss out, Join the Club now.
I know there aren’t many folks who are excited about Big Lob, but I think it’s pretty neat.  Hopefully if he captures some fan attention other characters like Pythona, Kwinn, or Billy might be down the pipeline…