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Brian from the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has sent out an email update, and mentions in the update to keep our eyes on because official images should start appearing there in the next day or so.  The full text of the email can be read below!

“In case you have not heard, Southwest airlines is having a $39 each way sale from selected markets. They fly into Providence, so if you have not booked your air, check it out! There are also some airlines that are matching this sale.  You must book by Thursday, February 12.
In addition, we will be putting up the first pictures in the next day or so at
Also, if you have already sent in your registration form and did not mark the Hasbro tour and want to go, you need to send in the form and mark the top “additional items to be added”.  The tour is free but you MUST sign up for it  or you will not be able to attend.
Every registration form in house has been processed so you should see the charges on your cc bill in the next day or so.  Check your bill as confirmation that we have received your form and it matches the amount on your copy.
Hard copy registration forms will go out in late March.
See you in RI for this once-in-a-lifetime convention!

I’m really excited to see these images, and looking forward to the convention, too.  Hopefully I’ll see a bunch of you guys there.