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If there was one thing about the G.I. Joe: America’s Elite comic that I came away loving, it was Mike Bear’s art.  For whatever reason, I absolutely loved his drawing style, his action, and even the coloring…even as World War III sort of stumbled through it’s climax, the art shone through…and evidently Hasbro feels the same way, as they’ve enlisted in Mike Bear’s assistance for package art is recent years.
Apparently that’s continuing on in 2010, as Mike Bear’s DeviantArt page reveals some very cool looking package art for upcoming Hasbro products…including what appears to be the G.I. Joe: Resolute Boxed Sets!  Only three pieces are evident so far, Arctic Duke, Zartan, and Firefly, but good Lord do they look great.  Knowing Hasbro’s formula with the Cobra Island packs, I am officially ecstatic waiting for these 7-packs.  I’m not sure anyone saw Zartan coming….  this really opens the door for what else we might be getting.  A huge thanks to the Terror Drome for digging up this link!

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Sure, there’s another Duke, and there will probably be another Snake Eyes, too, but seeing Zartan really makes me think our chances are pretty good for guys like Flint, Stalker, and Beachhead, who were all pretty central to the animation.  Bring it on, Hasbro!