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So, those of us waiting with baited breath will have to wait just a touch longer as the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has not yet debuted the brochure for the 2010 Convention in Providence.  However, they have thrown us a very nice bone!  The 2010 JoeCon Page has been updated with the following information:
– We know each of you are anxiously awaiting the posting of the GIJoeCon 2010 information
and registration forms. The forms have been finished since the first of this week but unfortunately, we have been
waiting on confirmation of a very special event at the convention, so we cannot post them just yet.
So, we have decided to give you a sneak preview at the 3 3/4″ Real American Hero convention set:
Our 2010 set features the return of the classic O-Ring style action figures. Our first exciting reveal is the mysterious COBRA INTERROGATOR. This unique and exclusive figure will have a brand new head sculpt that includes a removable helmet for the first time ever!”
And then they make me one happy Joefan.  While we’ve seen no confirmation yet of the Red Shadows, including Interrogator in the set just ROCKS.  Anyone who reads my dio-stories knows how much of a fan I am of The Interrogator, and having an updated version in classic o-ring format makes me very happy.  Taking one look at the filecard art as well, just confirms to me, too that this is a vintage style o-ring figure as well.  No doubt in my mind he’s using the torso from the 1991 Snake Eyes.  I really can’t wait to see more…if Hit & Run ends up in here anywhere, I may just plotz.
I did mirror the Interrogator image below, but please keep your eyes on for the latest news and information on the 2010 G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention!