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So, over on the GIJCC Message Boards, staffmember The Commander reported that the Convention brochure for the 2010 convention would be revealed this week…and well, with today being Friday, one would have to assume that today is the day we find out what the exclusive set theme is and some more information about the Convention in Providence, Rhode Island.
At one point, this was the focus of everyone’s attention in the weeks leading up to the revelation, but it almost seems like in recent years it’s become a source of mockery and eye rolling, which is a shame.  I strongly believe this year’s set will be an old school O-Ring format, which has me almost giddy with anticipation.  Perhaps missing last year’s Convention (for the first time since 2003) has ramped up my enthusiasm for this year…or maybe it’s because there appears to be a LOT of  very cool stuff on the horizon.  Resolute, The Pursuit of Cobra, the potential for a film sequel, the upcoming animated series, and even the web-series Operation: HISS.  It seems like there is so much to be fired up about, I grow more and more disappointed that this enthusiasm isn’t shared by many other Joe fans out there.
Regardless, I’ll sit in my little corner and remain excited for the Convention this year and excited to see what’s in store for the 15 figure set…  in my opinion, I think it’ll be the Red Shadows, and I think we’ll see more O-Ring construction, both of which has me very excited.
But what characters?  What parts?  What tooling?  At this point that would almost be anyone’s guess.  Rumors of destroyed tooling throws this all into the wind, as there is really no way to tell what’s out there any more and what isn’t.
All I know, is hopefully we’ll be hearing some information today!  Keep checking and throughout the day to get the info!