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We tried sending VGA-graded Videogames to customers using a series of
warp pipes and tanooki suits, but the hard acrylic cases created
transport problems.  I guess we could try wrapping them in
durable-denim overalls?  Otherwise, you will just have to get your NES
Super Mario Bros VGA 80+ and Metroid VGA 80 by FedEx Ground for free
by using code SHIP4FREE (Restrictions apply).
Oh, and SNARF SNARFFF!  The Lion-O Statue has made an appearance and
his Sword of Omens is ready to blast some ray of awesome in your life.
Finally, the new Legacy and Clone Wars Waves have been delayed for a
few more days.  Apologies for the inconvenience, we finally realized
our complex system of warp pipes has performed less than satisfactory.
Expect them to ship February 3rd at the latest.