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Gotta thank Carbon Deoxide and johnsocal from HissTank for pointing out this amazing sale on The Pit playset over at  I consider myself a pretty devout G.I. Joe and Rise of Cobra enthusiast, but to this point I hadn’t bitten the bullet on a Pit playset yet.  Until tonight.

Over on the Pit is already at an impressive $59.99 (50% off original $120 MSRP).  But, also allows you to use two promotional codes, and right now, codes NOCHARGE and EXTRA20 will give you free shipping and 20% off your order!  So when all is said and done, I just got a brand new Pit shipped to me for $47.99.  Merry Christmas to Hawk!

Helps that I live in tax-free New Hampshire, but that only adds a few bucks onto it…  Go get ’em!