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Some members of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club have started receiving the latest issue of the club newsletter, and within the pages is a revelation of new Past and Present action figure sets, in the same spirit as the Target Exclusive Rockslide 2-pack!  cmderinchief is  one of those folks, and he gives us a rundown of what to expect from the Real American Hero vintage style tooling:

Snake-Eyes(from Issue #21 2005 comic 3 pack)
Destro (from Issue #24 2005 comic 3 pack)
Duke (from Issue #24 2005 comic 3 pack)
Storm Shadow (from Issue #21 2005 comic 3 pack)

I haven’t seen the images yet, so I can’t be certain what the Rise of Cobra renditions of the figures are, but I imagine they’re just the typical RoC looks…  hopefully more information as it comes available.