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One of the coolest events in toy customization are the occasional “CustomCons” held by renowned toy website The Fwoosh.  During these “CustomCons”, customs of all shapes, sizes, and styles are presented as if they are new toylines being shown to the public.  There usually are some very cool things to be seen, including some occasional G.I. Joe related items.

This time around, though, Joe custom fansite goes way above and beyond, by designing and “producing” a full-fledged “Spooks” boxed set using G.I. Joe parts.  You might wonder what the big deal about Spook is?  Well, it’s a very cool comic title by Devils’ Due Publishing written by none other than Larry Hama, so there are obvious ties to the G.I. Joe brand scattered throughout.

As part of this great CustomCon presentation, JoeCustoms has an exciting announcement to come in the next four days…keep your eyes peeled!  Until then, check out their great boxed set over on The Fwoosh.  More will  be coming as well…